These carefully designed exercises constitute the results of decades of scientific study, experimentation and research into the variety of physical ills that upset the balance of body and mind.

[…] learn the exercises that Joseph Pilates recommended regarding posture, body mechanics, correct breathing, spinal flexibility, and physical education

Pilates has been acclaimed by dancers, exercise specialists, and high profile entertainers for the EXTRAORDINARY EFFECTIVENESS of his specialized exercises for fitness and HEALTH.

No hay, probablemente, nada más difícil en este mundo que erradicar algo que inconscientemente se ha tomado por verdadero. Afortunadamente, la voz de los expertos ya va llegando al pueblo.

Sólo una nota más para aquellos cuya soberbia es sólo comparable a su ceguera.

You may feel as if youre able to stretch farther after holding a stretch for 30 seconds, […] But typically youve increased only your mental tolerance for the discomfort of the stretch. The muscle is actually weaker.

There is a neuromuscular inhibitory response to static stretching,

El que tenga oídos, que oiga. Es cuestión de salud (salud=calidad de vida). Nada más.