Joseph Pilates demostrando la ejecución de uno de sus ejercicios, a la edad de 55 años

Joseph Pilates a la edad de 57 años.

¿Cómo piensa una persona que ha dedicado su vida a la búsqueda de la salud a través de los métodos naturales del entrenamiento físico?, ¿qué cosas dice?, ¿cómo se expresa?

Pues, así:

Flat feet, curvature of the spine, protruding stomach, stooped shoulders, hollow chest, hollow back, bow legs and knocked-kneed conditions are cured through corrective exercises

Witness the splendid physique and brute strength of the average savage, his well proportioned body is the very quintessence of physical beauty.

Glance at the more or less deformed physique, with corresponding lack of strength, of the average civilized man. His malproportioned body is usually displeasing to the critical eye. However, in this case, the brain has attained the mastery.

What the savage lacks in mental development, the civilized man lacks in physical development. If their physical and mental deficiencies were interchanged without corresponding loss of any of the physical and mental assets each now possess, then, the ideal of physical condition and mental state would be possible of attaintment. “Balance of body and mind” would be achieved.

What a perfect specimen of human being such an interchange would create!

I will be most happy to demonstrate my system and my inventions to all interested. My aim is to offer a real service to humanity from an althruistic and philanthropic point of view.

My work will be established, and, when it is, I will be the happiest man in God´s universe. My goal will have been reached.