Tom Waits entra en el Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.”
Esto es una plaga
They say they come in threes…

y llevamos 2…“Blame it on the boogie”… P.S.:Jajajajaja…macabro. Related links en la página de The Times Online sobre la muerte del cantante en el momento de escribir yo esto: Related Links * Will Michael Jackson survive his concert marathon? * Wacko denies ill health after concerts delayed * Michael Jackson in grand finale curtain-raiser

The day I hoped you lied…

Vaya desde aquí nuestro homenaje a esta gran actriz.. birds in the air never chirped the same slobs in bowling alleys never burped the same again they came to cry shocked with disbelief a broken mass of millions all drowning in their grief she was just an innocent how could you lord? they cried the […]